Escape Day Spa offers the following types of massages: Couples Massage, Scalp and Neck Massage, Foot Massage, Hand Massage, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage , Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Cold Stone Massage.  Contact us today to set an appointment for the best massage in Albuquerque 
Upper body massage 
Quick relief to those areas which hold stress…melts away tension   30 minutes $45
Traditional Massage
 A traditional Swedish massage; includes complimentary aromatherapy of your choice
25 minutes       $45
50 minutes       $65
80 minutes       $95
Hot Stone Massage
Hot river stones are used to massage away stress and warm and relax the body. 
25 minutes       $65
50 minutes      $85
80 minutes      $105
Hot And Cold Stone Massage
A unique massage that incorporates both hot and cold stones.  Using Swedish style massage strokes, the therapist alternates using relaxing hot stones with refreshing cool stones; great for migraine sufferers.
25 minutes       $65
50 minutes      $85
80 minutes      $105
Deep Tissue Massage
This massage will help relieve muscle soreness and is a favorite of the fitness conscious.  Deep work concentrates on working out knots in the muscles and helps alleviate muscle soreness. 
25 minutes       $65
50 minutes      $85
80 minutes      $105
Master Sports Massage
Out of all our outstanding therapists only a select few have met our demanding criteria to become a master massage therapist at Escape Day Spa. These few therapist have an insatiable curiosity and passion for understanding massage makes them pioneers of their profession.  They have worked with pro athletes and have a request list running at all times. If you want a deep therapeutic massage by a therapist with vast body knowledge and experience this is it.
 50 minutes $130
  80 minutes $175  
Prenatal Massage
Special massage for moms-to-be after the first trimester of pregnancy.
25 minutes       $65
50 minutes      $85
80 minutes      $105
Couple's Massage:      
Any of our massages can be enjoyed with your special someone in our unique couple's treatment room.
Massage Upgrades:
Aromatherapy hot towel treatment $20
Parrafin hand or foot treatment $15
Extended 15 minute head, hand and foot massage $18
Backscratcher back exfoliation $20
Combine 3 or more spa services* and receive a 10% discount
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